Dreaded Girls
A place for all my favorite photos of girls with dreadlocks. Please tell me if a photo is yours and I'll gladly credit you :)
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Anonymous says:
Has having dreads affected your ability to get a job? I'm worried I won't get a job if I dread my hair

What I have done with past jobs to avoid that entire situation is get a job first that was suitable with having dreads. Or at least ask at the interview. If it’s not allowed, then ask if they’d mind if you wore it up a certain way. Or in a hat or something.
I’m a professional wedding videographer. So of course I don’t want to scare people away with looking “like a freak”. So the way I am able to not weird people out and maintain a status of professionalism is this…I have everything dreaded besides my long bangs. When I go to film a wedding, I put my dreads into a nice looking bun with my long bangs pulled over to hide the dreadlocks better. This doesn’t draw attention tto myself. And I’d honestly say that everyone only finds out after the day is over that I even have dreads. Barely anyone even notices. So it works very well for me that way.

Anonymous says:
I have partial dreads, and I wanna dread my whole head soon, but I'm afraid I made my dreads too thick and that when I dread all my hair itll look weird cause there will only be a few. I have half of y hair dreaded, the under part and I only have 6 dreads. They're sectioned 1 inch by 1 inch. Is this normal or should I comb these out an start over?

Different sizes are fine. It’s up to your personal likes how you want it to end up. If all else fails, get a lot of conditioner and gently comb them out and start again. If if one is too big comb the one out and split it and make two. It’s all up to you really.

whothehellcaresabout says:
hey i just found your blog and i love it! i wanted dreads for a long time but i wasn't really sure about it and now i'm blown away, i want them more then ever but i'm not allowed:( also gosh you're so beautiful!!

Why thank you very, very much. You’re nice :). Well, whenever you decide to get dreads hopefully someday, just be sure to have done your research so you can get the looking the way you want them to :)

Anonymous says:
Where are you from??? I love your blog!! :DD

I am from Montana USA :) and thank you!