Dreaded Girls
A place for all my favorite content of girls with dreadlocks, including some of me. I come across these photos at different places. If a photo is yours & I didn't give you credit, please tell me and I'll fix it :)
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Anonymous says:
Would I ruin my dreads if I showered one every second day or can I do that

I wouldn’t shower your hair everyday. I heard it dries dreads out really bad to do it every day. But I shower everyday, just not my hair. I wash my dreads with non-residue shampoo every few days. It’s good to have the natural oils in them. But not washing them regularly can cause dandruff. Different systems work for different people, I just find this to work best for me.

debblablabla says:
Is there a way that i can get rid of my dreads without having to cut my hair?

Even though it’s sad that you’re trying, there is a way. Basically get a ton of conditioner in your hair and a comb. Then gently and very patiently, comb out the knots.